About Me

The reason I am here:

This blog is mostly for me and for me to find growth through taking my thoughts, battles and successes out of my head and putting them down here.  This blog will cover a lot of things, my struggle with god and my struggles with my personal demons will be the main focus and main priority here.  Of course I will also hit topics like family and marriage from my point of view.  I am currently rebuilding a real estate investment business from the ground up and will most likely brag and vent here, but will probably create a separate blog for that aspect of my life.

Forgive me ahead of time.  I am not the bet writer at this point.  My wife tells me that I tend to put commas in all the wong spots.  I am working on curing my short comings. My honest goal here is not so much to get a lot of readers, although feed back and shared experiences are great.  My goal is to just be accountable to grow and to have a place to come back to from time to time to see that growth take place.

A little about me:

I am an almost 40-year-old guy who has had my share of successes and failures. I am in the rebuild stage of my life. Which simply means I lost everything, well almost everything.  Like most of america a bad turn in the economy and a few choice business moves and I am back to square one.

Simply put I am a father, a husband, a serial entrepreneur, and I am a man struggling with god and god place in his life.



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